January 21, 2010

Urgh with a side of Blerg

I have had a headache since Sunday and I think I'm about ready to shoot myself. I thought it was a migraine but after passing out for 3 hours yesterday after taking imigran I awoke with the worst pain in my head I think I've ever experienced. It was beyond awful.

I was excited when I started to feel sickly on Sunday. "ooo maybe I'm pregnant!". But no, 3 HPT's later and no positive for me. It's for the best though. I really need to lose weight and get back into a regular exercise routine before that happens. Which of course I have been telling myself for 2 months, but Christmas and New Year were so much fun (not to mention ridiculously bloody hot) that I just keep putting it off. I've downloaded the couch to 5k app onto the iphone (god I want to punch myself after reading that back. hipster!) and I really needed to get started. Maybe I will wait until next week when the 40 degree weather calms down and this fucking headache goes away. I'm pretty sure it's sinus related (my sinuses are in a word, FUCKED) and I'm off to the doctor this afternoon for a nice big script for sudafed. Bloody speed freaks ruining it for us all!

Well, this wasn't very interesting! And I have got to figure out how the hell to put a blogroll on the side bar .. anyone? I'm so hopeless.

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  1. So I see! I feel like absolute hell. I am sleeping in our guest room tonight with a newly purchased supersonic hot steam blower thingie. Thanks for the head's up re: decongestants.