January 29, 2010

Tony Abbott should definently STFU and I can't properly articulate how mad his moronic comments make me so I will too

I'm feeling very disorientated and out of sorts for the start of a year. January is usually spent wiling away all my of annual leave hanging out in the air con reading books or having impromptu kiddie pool cocktail parties in our burning hot backyard. For the past decade I've been working full time and spending my summers as I please. But the call of a wage is strong so I'm stuck in an office day dreaming about the sunshine outside. It doesn't help that the weather is being very uncharacteristic for this time of the year. The days are warm rather than I-think-I'm-in-hell hot and the nights are so cool that I dug the winter doona out of the cupboard. I should probably just be grateful that the whole state isn't sitting on a knives edge wondering if we'll go up in flames.

Due to monetary (and I'm Old) reasons we've only organised one music/festivally thing this summer. Soundwave in a month .. can't wait! Lot's of loud, heavy music plus the added bonus of emo kids to laugh at. It should be good fun. I've also been given a ticket to AC/DC. And here's the clincher ... I'm going with my parents, unlces and aunties. God what a dork. The last time they all saw AC/DC was in some skeezy Melbourne pub in the early 80's so it should be interesting!

And on a lose weight note, I've started exercising properly (every day for the past week .. woo!) and eating a bit better. Eating less? NO. But better and that's something I guess. It's hard to get yourself into a mind set that not eating anything you want when you want is the end of the world. I am seriously obsessed with food. It's a bit of a worry. But I know that when I get back into the groove of not indulging my every whim (if for no other reason than I'm bored) I know it gets easier and easier until I'm back to not being the person that eats too god-damned much. Cutting out the almost daily glasses of wine was easier. The massive hangover I awoke with on Sunday morning helped.
It was worth it though.

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  1. it's hard to not obsess with food when you are obsessed with not eating. i've spent a lifetime with this problem.